Hello Deer (A4 size)
Hello Deer (A4 size)
Art by Ed Foulds

Hello Deer (A4 size)

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"Hey, I just received the picture and I’m really impressed, it’s beautiful, both the picture and the frame are way better than what I expected. Well done, I hope they sell easily because you deserve it."


A daily walk through the woods gets me away from the artificial lighting of the office and helps my mind to relax. Being surrounded by nature energises me and overwhelms my senses. An hour for lunch never seems like enough time to take it all in.

One day in early September I saw what I mistook for a dog further up the path behind a chain link fence. As I approached I realised it wasn't a dog at all - but a Roe Deer. When I got within a few metres, it made a hasty retreat down the steep embankment and towards the lakes.

Over the next 2 weeks I kept my eyes peeled and began to see this deer several times on my walk through the woods. I had my camera at hand each day to try and capture the perfect photo. Upon hearing the noise of my camera shutter, the deer would be on the move again - so I had to pick these moments carefully and react quickly.

Eventually I managed to capture this photo with my telephoto lens. The zoom allowed me to feel closer to this wild animal than I could ever hope to be in person - a fleeting moment that I wish to share with you now.