Hiatus (~ A3 size)
Art by Ed Foulds

Hiatus (~ A3 size)

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Approx. A3, hand signed and numbered, limited edition print. Only 25 available. Mounted on acid free mounting card.


Ever thought you've peaked? Buckle up - it's all downhill from here baby.

This picture brought about a prolonged hiatus from my art. When I started this drawing it began to feel like my magnum opus was emerging. Whilst this was a good feeling - I started to spiral into negative thinking.

I thought that I'd never produce anything better, and this escalated into the belief that I'd run out of ideas and not be able to create anymore. Typing this a decade later and it's hard to rekindle that emotion - but there was a lot of fear.

The page was left half outlined. When I returned to it many years later, I divided the picture in half with a river of lava, and destroyed half of the walls of the room this drawing was originally intended to sit within.

Truth be told, I started another drawing "Sunset Special" prior to ever finishing this picture - it really did intimidate me to complete this drawing, and in the end I gave it away. A pub acquaintance of my dad is an artist and I asked if I could buy one of his pictures. He said he'd swap me for one.

I always regretted giving away the picture. Whilst he swapped me for one of his works - it still feels like I got the raw end of the deal. Especially after he uttered "now get famous so this will be worth lots of money"...