Sunset Special (~ A3 size)
Art by Ed Foulds

Sunset Special (~ A3 size)

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Approx. A3 size, pen and pencil original piece.

Mounted on acid free mounting card and housed in a black wooden frame with a perspex window.


"Is that Hitler?"
Well, it's certainly not Charlie Chaplin.

Once upon a time, I saw that a teapot of Hitler existed, and I knew it had to be added into this drawing. At the time of drawing this I was well underway with my journey through anxiety, health anxiety and chronic aches, pains and symptoms. That's right - we're going offroad.

I decided to represent various work colleagues in this photo. The lighthouse was my manager at the time - he was a vegetarian body builder and a raver back in the day. He always had music playing throughout his shift and would bop along to it.

We have Pan on a pogo stick. I think I chose this for my work colleague who was quite mischeavious and I had a suspicion he might've been a little deviant.

The man made of computers and solar panels was a long time work colleague and friend who was gearing up to leaving the office to pursue an IT career.

There's a Star Wars-esque representation of a friend who was into Star Wars. At least I think he was.

Asides from this, we have Chairman Mao as a balloon (standard). Along with Brian Badonde - the character from the prank shows Fonejacker and Facejacker. Being on the spectrum, I have a lot of verbal tics and impressions that I love to do in my own company, and around close friends.

Most people will only ever see a shy, polite and helpful guy. Below the surface is an oddball who really can struggle to contain the hyperactivity at times. Brian Badonde's verbal ticks became my own, and for a prolonged time, when I finished the day's shift in the office, I would shout "BWAAAAHHH!" as loud as I possibly could when leaving the office.

Brian is hugging colonel Sanders, because they say that bromance tastes like chicken.

I wanted to do sunset colours, and I was very happy how I ad-libbed the sky colours. I wasn't as keen on the water effect, but you live, learn and eat more KFC.